How long is the season?
Practice begins August 16th and the 1st game of the season will be in early September. The season will end with tournament games at the beginning of November. ALL of our teams will play in a bowl game at the end of the season. Some teams will travel out of town for those games.
When and where are the practices?
Practices are held 3-4 times a week depending on the time of year and the number of games scheduled during the week and weekend. Practices will last about 2 hours. Most practices are held at the Papillion LaVista High School turf field or local Papillion football fields.
When and where are the games?
Most games are on Sunday afternoons with occasional games on Wednesday nights. Home games are played at the Papillion LaVista High School turf field!
2021 Clinic/Camps:
Info about our 2021 Youth Football Clinic/Camps coming soon!
What equipment is provided?
At NO ADDITIONAL COST we provide; helmets, game & practice jerseys, shoulder pads, Socks, and game & practice pants with pads. (Approx. $500 cost which each player will receive at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE) All of our helmets are of the latest safety technology and certified through NOCSAE!
What will I need to purchase for my player?
Each player will need to purchase their own mouth piece and molded cleats.
Are there any other costs?
A Registration Fee of $260.00 – $400.00 is due with each player registration. Payment plans are available for an additional $10.00 charge.
There are no additional charges or fundraising requirements.
What will my player learn?
Monarch Spirit Football players will learn lifelong character traits through teamwork, sportsmanship, self confidence, & responsibility. Monarch Spirit football displays a strong sense of community & provides a structured & safe environment where athletes will be challenged and share success while displaying mental toughness & humility.
Your athlete will be prepared to play high school football and beyond! A lot of our players have gone on to play high school football and many of them go on to play college football. We have had several former Cornhuskers & Two of our very own Monarch Spirit Football players have made it all the way to the NFL!

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